Thanksgiving vs Christmas

The rule in the Higham House is, No Christmas until after Thanksgiving. No decorations, no carols, no movies, nothing! Thanksgiving comes first, then we focus on Christmas. It’s just the way it’s always been.

It used to drive me crazy to see the Christmas decorations hit the stores before we celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. But with each passing year, it seems like Christmas comes earlier and earlier. In fact, our local Wal-Mart was setting up the Christmas areas before Halloween passed. Come on!

It makes me think of one of my favorite Christmas movies with Charlie Brown. Charlie Brown stresses over the commercialization of Christmas. If he only knew. Are we really that hungry for the dollar that we have to skip right over a full holiday? Props though go to Nordstroms. Did you see this? It’s all over Facebook…

Here’s the thing, the Christmas bug has already bitten me. Yeah, I’m ready for Christmas. I’ve even pulled the decorations out. (There are a couple of reason for why the decoration boxes are out. One being we have a small house, and two being we were cleaning the basement this weekend.) And the temptation is there to start decorating. My wife, Amy, and I have already talked about getting some of the decorations up just to free space up in the living area because there are like 5 large boxes sitting in there.

But am I selling out? Am I going to break the rule that I set that very first Christmas Amy and I shared 15 years ago? Yes and No. Yes we are going to put up some decorations for Christmas. We have to. They’re taking up precious space in or little house. But no, I’m not selling out. Here’s why.

We will celebrate Thanksgiving. We will take the time to pause life and recognize that we are blessed and to offer our thanks, appropriately to God. My wife will play her CD of Thanksgiving music. (Yes we have a CD with Thanksgiving music.) I will help her make our favorite dinner foods. The kids will play. We will watch football. We will play football. We will share our dinner and traditions with a family from our church who, like the Higham’s will not be traveling home to be with family. And we will hold the traditions that we started. Thanksgiving will be part of our day.

Thanksgiving is a holiday where we recognize and remember the story of the pilgrims. But more importantly, it an opportunity to recognize and thank our Father for all He has done for us, include sending His son to be born, live and die for us.

I know that Christmas is in the air. The commercials, fliers, signs, radio spots, music, and even the temperatures are reminding us that Christmas is just a few weeks away. And even though, I want to get into the Christmas spirit a little earlier this year, I am first going to recognize Thanksgiving. I hope you will as well!

– jay

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