How We Communicate With Students and Parents

I posted an article listing the 10 ways we attempt to communicate with our students and parents. Thought I’d share it here with you. Let me know what you think? Who do you communicate with parents and students? Share in the comments section! Thanks!

How Does Crossroads Communicate?

We know communication is important!
You need to know what’s happening and when.
And we WANT you to know what’s happening!

But how? How do we communicate with students, parents, and the larger church family? Here are the current ways we communicate the happenings of Crossroads Youth Ministry!

Bulletin Inserts –
On the last Sunday of each month, Crossroads provides a printed calendar insert as part of the worship bulletin. This calendar includes dates, times, and locations for upcoming gatherings, activities, or events for both the Middle School and High School ministries. In addition to the monthly calendar, event inserts will appear at least 2 weeks prior to the event date. These inserts provide the basic information of time, locations, and cost, along with a short summary of the event.

Big Screen Announcements –
Be sure to watch the big worship screens! Each week you will find at least one slide with information on upcoming youth ministry opportunities. The same announcement loop also appears of the fixed TV screens located around the building.

Facebook and Other Social Media –
Social Media outlets such as Facebook, have become great tools for communicating to students and parents! Crossroads has created it’s own Facebook Page for the parents and students of our ministry. Our sole purpose for the Facebook page is to communicate information about Crossroads. Updates, news, reminders, event details, and links to the Crossroads’ website are posted regularly for the purpose of quick reference. You can find our page at; You can also follow us at

The Crossroads Website –
Crossroads has maintained a website since 2007. Over the years the site has evolved and grown to be a wonderful community for the ministry of Crossroads. Loaded with ministry information, activity and event details, calendars, downloadable forms, photos, resources, and links to additional resources available on the internet, our goal has been to create a 24/7, information-station for our students and parents. The site is updated regularly throughout the week, so there is always something new to see! You can find us at

The Crossroads Weekly Podcast –
Each Monday, we record and post a weekly podcast to the front page of the Crossroads website. The podcast serves as visual and audio reminder of things that are happening in and around the ministry of Crossroads. Usually 25 to 30 minutes long, the podcast is the place to go to, when you want to know what students are being told each week as part of our announcements. You can watch our podcast from our website!

Fliers, Posters, Brochures –
Just about every thing we do comes with a flier, poster, or brochure. Like the bulletin insert, these printed promotional materials provide the date, time, location, cost, and summary of the event. You can find this resources outside the student ministries room, and hanging on our two bulletin boards located near the Library and outside the Student Ministries Room.

XTEXT is our texting service that sends short announcements, reminders, and updates directly to your phone as a SMS (text message). You can sign up for this service and stay connected by picking up our simple application form in the Crossroads’ office and outside the Student Ministries Room. Crossroads assumes no responsibility for carrier fees that may be applied to your monthly bill. Be sure to check and know the fees that you may incur as you receive text messages. Parental permission is required before a student may be added to the XTEXT service.

Smail Mail –
When an activity or event is announced, Crossroads will mail a flier to the home of each student on our mailing list. Usually addressed to the student, we encourage parents to be sure that you read the contents of the mailing before the mail is lost in a bedroom closet. When communication is intended for the parents, we address the labels as, “To The Parents Of…” This indicates that there is important information within the mailing and ask that you please read the paperwork.

The NEW, Crossroads’ Weekly –
– Coming this December, Crossroads will begin sending a weekly email newsletter to the students and parents of Crossroads. Each email will contain information for activities that week and weekend, as well as brief reminders of upcoming events. Starting this week, students and parents may subscribe to the Crossroads Weekly by visiting the Crossroads website and subscribing via the link found towards the bottom of the page. If you have a smart phone, you can scan this digi-tag that will take you right to a form that you can complete right from your phone.

When in Doubt, Please Call –
– Our student population has grown to over 100 students who participate in one way or another with Crossroads Youth Ministry. While it is not our practice to call every member for every calendar event, we do welcome your phone calls! If you ever have a question, please don’t hestitate to call our office. You can reach us at, ***-***-****. If you have to leave a message, know that we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks!

– jay

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