YWTD #30 – Start Your Day With God

Tip: Start Your Day With God.

Sounds obvious. Simple. And yet, how many of us, myself included, skip the most important thing we might do this day, spend time with the Father. Busy schedules. Long “To Do Lists.” Early breakfast meetings. Getting the kids ready for school. Walking the dog. Sleeping in. A day off. The list of excuses never end.

There is no better practice that we should incorporate into our lives but to begin your day spending time with the Lord. But saying it and do it are two different things. Spending time with the Lord needs to become a habit in your life; something that you do without thinking about it. Habits are natural responses to life. They are the things we do that become part of us, who we are, and how we live.

It’s like brushing your teeth in the morning. It’s part of the morning routine that many of all practice every day. We wake, shower, get dressed, comb our hair, brush your teeth, head out the door. For some of us, it’s probably so natural, we do it without realizing we’re doing it. That’s what a habit is.

But what about a morning routine that allows you to spend time with the Creator? That’s a little more difficult. And yet, it’s something we need on a daily basis. I know this, because it still plagues me. Making time to be with God is something that requires a commitment, determination, and persistence. I used to envy people who had this weird ability to wake and spend hours with God each morning. No matter how much I want it, a regular appointment with God was something that eluded me.

Here’s why I think I was missing it.

1. Stop Living by Other People’s Expectations.
When it came to spending time with God, I wanted to do what everyone else was telling me I should do, but it wasn’t working. Stop living by other people’s expectations! What someone else does to spend time with God is what they do. You are not them. Let them have what they have. We will never be able to live the way someone else does, so stop trying. I know a pastor who wakes every morning, drives out into the woods and spends a couple hours praying, reading the Bible, and listen to God. I couldn’t do that. The silence alone would drive me crazy. It works for him, it’s just not me, so why would I do something like that. His way would spell failure for me in about three days.

2. Make it a Desire for Your Life.
It sounds romantic, a daily quiet time with God. So Christian, right? But why? Why do you want to have a quiet time with the Father? Is it because that’s what people expect from you? Is that what good Christian’s do? Is it something you were told to do? If any of those are true, we will never be “successful” at spending time with God. I think the key to spending time with God, is God creating a desire in our lives to want to spend time with Him. To do it because it’s expected, we were told, or because we think it’s the right think to do, are the WRONG reasons to do it. Pause and take a few moments to ask God to make spending time with Him something that He instills in your life. If He changed your heart to love Him, He will change your heart to want to spend time with Him.

3. Discover a Routine that Works For YOU!
I think spend time with God is something that has to fit with your personality. So discover a routine that works for you. If a long walk in the woods works, do it. If sitting on your front porch with a Bible and a cup of coffee works, do it. If it is jumping on your Harley and taking a ride along the coast, do it. But starting your day with God, whether it’s 15, 30, or 60 minutes, is the best way to walk in His will for that day. How you do it is between you and God. Just find what works for you and make it part of your life.

We need to connect with God. Starting your day with Him is what we should all be striving for. Better than a strong cup of coffee, or in my case, a hot White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks, time spend with your Father becomes the shot of “spiritual-caffeine” that will propel you through the day.

– jay

One thought on “YWTD #30 – Start Your Day With God

  1. time with the lord is essential is energizer it work for me to the core in the house alone at the park A train ride A car ride or buss ride watt ever drive you to your tranquility with THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IN GOD go for it and in joy your blessings and past it on 2 others AMEN


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