YWTD #25 – Let Them Teach – Leaders

Tip: Let Them Teach: Leaders

I love to teach. Most of us do. It’s partly why we do what we do. Sharing the gospel message and teaching students the theology of our faith is something we practice and hone, trying to become the best we can be. It’s an opportunity to speak truth into the lives of our students, and I love it.

But, are you the only voice speaking truth? If you are, you might want to rethink your teaching habits.

A true blessing to me and my students in our ministry are the voices of my adult leaders. Throughout the year I invite adult leaders and special guest speakers to come and speak to my students. This has more benefits for you and your students than simply a night off.

Allowing/Asking Adult Leaders to teach provides your leader the opportunity to share what God is doing, teaching, or showing them in their own personal life. Whether it’s a testimony, or sharing their favorite Bible verse and why it’s their favorite Bible verse, or participate in a series, you give your leaders the chance to speak truth into students lives.

Leaders who speak to the larger group gain a greater sense of value. No longer are they spectators sitting among the students. Instead they become givers, participants in the ministry. Everyone has the need to feel appreciated and sometimes tapping into secret talents often increase the value of your leaders.

When leaders teach, students benefit from a larger sense of the Christian community and church family. Instead of one adult speaking Truth, students see a selection of adults speaking Truth. And in our culture, an adult who speaks Truth is valuable beyond measure.

By asking leaders to share the role of teaching and speaking, you provide a more diverse and healthier ministry for your students. But let’s not neglect to mention the most obvious. When a leader teaches in your place, you have the freedom of not having to prepare for a message. That gives you time to work on other things like the next series scheduled to launch in two weeks!

There are far more benefits to having your leaders teach, than the few listed above. And the benefits might be different from church to church, ministry to ministry. Context always has a say in how something works. So let me encourage you to invite your adult leaders to come and teach and discover the benefits for yourself.

– jay

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