YWTD #24 – Be Satisfied with What God is Doing

Tip: Be satisfied with what God is doing in and through you.

At the end of the day we all hope to experience that feeling of accomplishment. We want to know that we worked hard, completed our tasks, and finished well. But how do we get to that point when there are still “To Do’s” left on our list?

I have learned a lot about how to manage my time. Some weeks are great. Some weeks are not so great. But the best and most important lesson I learned is that nothing happens that God hasn’t ordained to happen.

Without getting into Theology and Doctrinal positions, I believe that God ordains all that happens. Nothing transpires without His knowledge and approval. It’s that understanding that helps me to recognize that what happens during my week to week happens because God makes it happen. Suddenly, to do lists don’t matter. While they may be an organizing tool, we accomplish what God has ordained for us to accomplish.

Earlier this week I shared the tip of blocking out my week, something I learned from Doug Fields. But while blocking is a great tool to help me organize my week, I left out the most important ingredient. Prayer. I understand that my wants, my “To Do Lists” aren’t always God’s wants and “To Do Lists.” So as I am making my list and establishing priorities, I am doing so prayerfully, seeking God’s wisdom and leading. Likewise, our Pastoral staff gathers every Monday afternoon for study, a time of “checking in,” and prayer. My prayer week in and week out is that we surrender ourselves to the Lord’s leading and not to our man-made lists.

Be organized is good. It helps us stay on top of things. It demonstrates a certain level of professionalism. And it helps us to mature and be responsible. But don’t organize God out of your ministry and time. Let Him set your schedule and know that at the end of the week, we can be satisfied with what God is doing in and through you!

It’s Friday. You made it. Now have a great weekend. You earned it!

– jay

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