YWTD #21 – You Can’t Do It All

Tip: You Can’t Do It All

One of the number one mistakes many youth workers make is thinking that they have to everything themselves. There’s something about doing ministry that causes us to believe that we are the ones that have to do all the ministry. Saying “no” isn’t always an option, because saying no is saying no to ministry. And who does that?

But the reality is, you can’t do everything. No one can do everything.

Sometimes making the best use of our time is recognizing that some of the things we think we have do are things we should’ve said no to.

Usually at the beginning of the week, I make a list of the items/tasks that I want to accomplish for that week. But while I compile the list, I don’t assign a specific time when it has to be done. Instead, I prioritize the list, recognizing the tasks that should receive my attention first. These are the items that must get done. Then I note the tasks that are not quite as important; items that would be a bonus if they did get done. An example might be a short article for the church newsletter due at the end of the month.

I also look through the list for items to see if there are items that someone else could do. Tasks like stuffing envelopes, folding brochures, or picking up the snack for this weeks gathering. When possible, I try to delegate these tasks out. But I’ll talk more about delegating later this week.

Once I have my list I set the game plan and get started. My goal is to complete the items that must get done and work on the items that I want to get done.

But the real key in this isn’t accomplishing tasks. The key is in setting realistic goals.

Before, I would get stressed when I saw items still on my “To Do List.” I felt like I had failed; that I wasn’t working hard enough. But the truth was, I had set too high of an expectation on myself. I was building a list of items just to see a nice long list. “Look at me. Look at how busy I am!” But that list isn’t helpful when I still have half the list left.

Having a realistic goal for your time and your tasks will help you complete what needs to be done, leaving you with a great sense of accomplishment.

– jay

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