YWTD #20 – Use Your Time Wisely

Tip: Use Your Time Wisely

Time. It either passes too quickly or it seems to slow to a grinding halt. Many a week I wish I had just one more hour, even one more day, to accomplish all that I want to accomplish. Studying, writing, preparing messages, sermons, and Bible studies. Updating websites, calendars, address books, and blogs. Meeting with students, parents, leaders, youth networks, and church members. Not too mention, time for my wife, children, extended family, and the details of life (paying bills, cleaning the house, maintaining a car(s), mowing the grass0. With only 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, (with one being a day of “rest”) how do we accomplish all that we want to accomplish?

I don’t know.

How’s that for an answer?

Now you can sit through seminars, read books, buy fancy organizers, but all these items do, is help manage an ever growing list of “To Do’s” that we’re not going to be able to do.

This week I want to look at some simple tips that I use to help manage my time to the best of my abilities. And our first tip is, to use your time wisely.

Because we are finite beings, we are defined and restricted by time. There is an allotted amount of time available each day to do the things that we want and the things we need to do. More often than not, we squander precious time doing things that become more wasteful than helpful. For instance, I enjoy watching TV. I really enjoy reality TV. (I know, I know. But don’t judge me.) I find reality TV fascinating; a scary look into the messed culture in which we live.

But as fascinating as these programs are, they are a complete waste of my time! I could literally spend hours watching the drama of “life” pass before my eyes in all it’s HD-glory. But that is not using my time wisely.

TV is just one example of something that sucks time away from us. I’m sure if you look at your daily/weekly routine, you too will find a couple hours in your day that could be better used.

One thing we’ll recognize this week, is that there is always more “ministry” to be done. But I believe that there is just enough time for the ministry that God has set before us. So join me this week on the blog as The Youth Worker Tip of the Day, looks at TIME.

– jay

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