Youth Ministry Garage is HERE!!!

STOP EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW!!! (except if you’re reading this blog post, keep going…)

It’s back, and better than ever! Doug Fields and team return to your favorite podcast line up with the brand new, The Youth Ministry Garage!

It’s been a few months since the last episode, but I just learned that the whole crew is back and ready to go LIVE, TODAY!!! That’s right, Doug, Matt, Katie, and Josh, together again; filling your computer screen with “just enough youth ministry” to say you’re working.

Doug released a post this morning on his blog announcing todays launch. (Provided at the bottom of this page.)

I am thrilled to see the podcast return, and already I notice the improvements. Thanks to REMEDYLIVE, the show has been given a much needed face lift! For example, check out the new opening!

YMG Intro Video from remedyLIVE on Vimeo.

Sweet, right?! I know! Really nice job. Professional even.

So the site goes live this afternoon/evening at 5:30 p.m. est. What I’m fully sure about yet, is if the first new show will be live today or not. Regardless, you can watch them live, or wait for it to be packaged and uploaded to iTunes later. I myself will be asking the wife to do dinner later so I can just to see what will happen at 5:30!

I am sure I will have much more to say following the first “new” episode, along with thoughts on the new site, so be sure to check back here later tonight or early tomorrow. (May have to be dad before I can respond. We’ll see how that goes.)

– jay

Doug’s blog with the release news:

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