Youth Worker Tip of the Day – 9.01.2011

Tip: Visit your local Middle School/Jr. High and pray for the students.

Middle school is a war zone. On top of the pressures students deal with when it comes to studies, middle schoolers have to also deal with the emotional and physical changes that come with being pre-teen. In many ways, these students are forced to grow up faster than our high school students. Middle schoolers are dating earlier, having sex earlier, experimenting with drugs and drinking earlier, coping with harsh bullying earlier, and contemplating suicide earlier. These kids want to grow up and be like the teen stars they see on TV and in their local high schools.

Easily influenced and wanting to fit in and be accepted middle schoolers face significant challenges.

Today’s tip challenges you to go to your local middle school or Jr. high and pray for these students. Pray for the safety of their souls as they begin to consider the importance of their faith and how it relates in every day life. Pray that they would be influenced not by the social medias and cultural fads, but that God would bring solid, Christian men and women into their lives as examples, mentors, and friends. Pray for your students by name, recognizing their individual gifts, needs, and aspirations.

It’s war, and we’re on the front-line. Let’s battle on our knees!

– jay

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