Youth Worker Tip of the Day – 8.29.2011

Tip: As a youth worker, you MUST read this book!

This one is an old favorite of mine. Youth First Two Years in Youth Ministry, by Doug Fields, should be a must read! Packed with extremely useful, practical, and proven information, YFTYinYM is one of the best resources you could add to your book shelf!

Doug share with the reader the lessons that he learned as a young youth pastor. I reread the book at the beginning of 2011, and was amazed by how much I have forgotten, or stopped doing. I mean simple little things that seem insignificant after 20 plus years of ministry, but yet carry tremendous value and importance!

Whether you are in you first two years, or finishing up your 32nd year, Your First Two Years… is one that needs to read or reread! So grab a cup of coffee, and find a quiet place to ready, and get going!

– jay

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