Youth Worker Tip of the Day – 8.18.2011

Tip: Take a Volunteer to lunch to say, “Thank You!”

Taking a volunteer from your ministry to lunch, is an awesome way to say thank you! A couple of things happen with this. You get to pour on the appreciation for all that your leader does; weekly gatherings, small groups, behind the scenes, and loving on students. Eating out gives you the time to sit and talk, catch up, hear about what’s going on in their group/ministry, their family, and their spiritual life. It’s the perfect time to ask questions that open them up, get them sharing, and even dreaming about what God might do next! But don’t forget to shower them with praises. Let them know that you appreciate all that they do.

The other thing that lunch offers is the opportunity to build healthier relationships with the volunteer. Laugh, have fun, and be real. If they only see you as the lead dog and not a friend, the relationship will suffer.

And of course, lunch is lunch, right? It’s a chance to eat out at a restaurant that might serve more than a slice of pizza or greasy burger, and takes more than 90 seconds to cook your order. So call up a volunteer leader and make plans for lunch, your treat!

– jay

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