Youth Pastor Tip of the Day – 08.11.11

Tip: Take a few minutes today to clear off your desk.

I know some weeks in ministry are busier than others. It’s often easier to let the mounds of paperwork pile up as you go from event to event. But clutter and mess leave an office looking disorganized and unprofessional. But more than looks, a messy desk could leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and frazzled. So take a few minutes to straighten, file, organize, clean, clear, and dust your work space. At least once a week, I’ll take a few minutes to tidy up my desk. When I do, I feel like I could be more productive, more aware, and frankly, more professional; especially when a parent stops by and they see a clean office.

So clear off that desk, wipe the dust off your monitor screen, and empty the trash can! And have a great day!

– jay

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