Day Job to Dream Job

I’m adding another book to my must read list this summer, Jon Acuff’s new book, Quitter. I was at his website last Thursday when I saw his promo video for Quitter. I’m not a huge Jon Acuff guy. (At least not yet.) Stuff Christian’s Like was something I wasn’t fully plugged into. But since Jon will be one of the speakers at the 2012 Simply Youth Ministry Conference (SYMC), I’ve wanted to become a little more familiar with his site, writings and books.

I watched his video. Hmmm.

Have you ever wanted to do something different? Something that causes your family and friends to go, What? Something you loved, were totally passionate about and always dreamed of doing? I have. I still do.

I love what I do, I really do. But sometimes I feel like God is working in my life, preparing me for something more, something different, something that causes others to say, What?! For the longest time, I have wanted to be a writer and speaker. Not a full time write/speaker. But one that shares his experiences and learnings from my time in ministry with younger, rising youth workers. This blog is part of that dream? This is where I express my thoughts, ideas, and stories. But how do I get from a simple blog, read by a handful of youth workers, to a place where God is using me to encourage and build up the next generation of youth ministers?

It appears that Jon’s new book might have answers to many of my ‘what if?’ questions.

I am one that believes that God has purpose for my life. I am a youth pastor. My calling has been confirmed over and over again. I love what I do, and I think I do it well. But I also believe that God works out His purposes in seasons. And so I wonder if this longing to write and speak is something that God is preparing in me for a new season of ministry.

Day job to dream job. That’s what Jon says.

Hmm. I’ll just have to read the book and see what it’s all about.

– jay

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