Genius? Or Social Reality?

Have you seen this commercial?

What does it say?

Sure, it’s a car commercial. The new Toyota Venza.

But look past the car ad. What does it say?

For years, we in the youth worker community have been reading books and listening to speakers warn us, educate us, caution us about the dangers in advertising. But what happens when the advertisers show us just how powerful their grip on shoppers is.

I love this commercial, and the others like it, because of the honesty of the ad. Here’s a twenty-something, living her life through social networks while her parents live a vibrant life in the real world!

It causes me to wonder, is this really how young adults are living. Are the statistics correct? Are we living life online. Or is this commercial exaggerating reality.

What do you think. Genius? or Social Reality?

Share your thoughts, comments, and opinions below.

– jay

What do you?

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