Have You Heard About CSG?

On Sunday, April 10, 2011, our church held the first service in our newly build church here in Somerset. It is a beautiful facility and a true testimony to God’s provision and faithfulness. Early in the planning stage, it was decided that various “sub-committees” would be challenged with the responsibility of overseeing different aspects of the design and build process. I was honored to be able to work with the audio/video sub-committee. We were tasked with the planning, design and oversight of the new sound and media components that would installed and utilized by the church.

At our first meeting, a group of us brain stormed and dreamed about what we might want now and in the future. When we saw the scope of of wish list, we knew we were at of our league. So we chose to find a professional company who could service as consultants, designers, and installers. After reviewing a number of different companies and proposals, we found favor with a company out of Barrington, IL; Church Solutions Group.

These guys are tops! Church Solutions Group (CSG) was founded by Bruce Miller with a simple driving purpose; help churches do what they do better. Once part of ministry at Willow Creek, CSG has worked with over 200 churches, partnering, serving, and reaching people with the message of the Gospel.

Whether it’s sound, video, lighting, staging, design, remodel, upgrades, or full builds, CSG brings the know how and the talent. In our case, we needed a group to help gather our dreams, ideas, brainstorms, and wants and focus them in a way that would us to present, enhance, and reach those who sit in our pews and those who are not, yet.

CSG made with our pastors, our directors of music, and our committee. They listened to our hopes and dreams. They asked questions about who we are and who we believed God was calling us to be. This wasn’t just an opportunity for a company to sell products and services. This was a group of pastors, learning about us, who we are, and understanding how they could help us do what we do, but with better sound and media.

What I loved was that these guys knew and understood ministry. They were pastors, with prior ministry experience. They got how media and ministry can work together. They were willing to work with our volunteers, architect, contractor, and building committee. They listen to what we wanted, and build a system that now meets our needs and provides us with the tools to grow our media ministry.

Were there speed bumps and construction issues? Sure. There are some in every project. But these guys were wonderful to work with; patient with our questions, understood frustrations with unexpected issues, and resolved our concerns quickly, and with integrity.

These guys were great to work with; educated and up to date with current equipment and understand of what churches are using to help bring the Gospel message to our community.

If you are considering changes to your sound system… If you are thinking about remodeling… If you are getting ready to building new worship center or church… Let me highly recommend Church Solutions Group!

Visit their website at: www.churchsolutionsgroup.com. Learn about their ministry and desire to partner with churches. And discover how they can help you declare the best message this world has ever heard!

– jay

*disclaimer: This blog post is a reflection of my interaction with the Church Solutions Group. I do not speak for all the members of the church, committee, or staff. Nor were any of these comments solicited by Church Solutions Group, it’s employees, or ownership. If you are considering changes to your facility and would like to know more about CSG from clients perspective, please feel free to contact me at: highamjay@gmail.com.

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