As the Sun Sets Over Creation

After a year long break from the Creation Festival, I find myself in the grass at the Main Stage waiting on the headlining bands to take the stage. The sun is setting behind the mountain and people are milling about behind me.

With all of the commotion I find myself at a crossroads. The question, will the festival return as a summer activity in the 2012 calendar?

I am truly torn. To do the festival requires a huge commitment from the students and the leaders as well from the checkbook. The cheapest way to do it is as a group with between 40-50 students. But I don’t know that we could pull off the trip with our current high school population. If it were a combined activity with our middle school it might go. But of course that will bring complaints from some of the student body.

I’m also torn because the festival has become very commercial and continues to to grow. I have never seen so many tarps reserving space, lots of space. Then you have the dirt, the dust, the sun burn, the heat, and the camping. Does it sound like I’m wining? Well maybe I am.

Maybe my struggle isn’t so much with the festival but with my own selfish desire not to bring the festival back to the calendar. Part of me doesn’t want to do the packing, organizing, shopping, cooking, cleaning, set up and tear down. Part of me doesn’t want the stress of budgets, leftover tickets, and the pure exhaustion.

And yet, as the stage fires up and Owl City begins his set, and cheers of delight fill the air, something inside of me says, do it! Do it and do it big! Bring both groups of students and introduce them all to a vastly grander Church then what they know. Use the time to create memories like the memories from years past. Do it, but do it different. Expect less and experience more. Have fun with it and let God have control instead.

Will it be on the 2012 calendar? I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

– jay

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