This was a Day Off

Today was the perfect start to what hopes to be a great weekend. Amy met with the steering committee for her M.O.P.S. group’s annual planning retreat. That gave me the day with our youngest three.

I had everything planned, errands in the morning, lunch ala’ dad, and the afternoon at the pool. Can I just say, it was awesome.

This morning we tackled all the errands in a very timely fashion. Post office, sneaker shopping, goodwill drop off, church office, WalMart, and the bank; all accomplished by 11:30 a.m.

Lunch was one of our favorites, hot dogs and mac&cheese.

After lunch, we grabbed the “pool bag,” some snacks and drinks and made our way to the pool at Hidden Valley. A couple from our church live within the resort and have shared their pool passes with us. Since Amy is the one who usually benefits from such gifts, it was a real treat for me to spend the afternoon with the kids at the pool.

It was a wonderful afternoon with the kids. With all that has been happening this spring; new church, coaching baseball, extended calendar for the youth group, soccer, A/V training. It was so good to have an afternoon away from the office and work. To spend it with the three kids who probably get the least amount of attention from dad was priceless.

It’s amazing how much time we loose to ministry. Most of the time we don’t even realize it. Too often we fill our time pouring into the lives of students and neglect the the most important young hearts given to us.

Amy and I work hard to balance life and ministry. But there are seasons when the balance is off and too much time is spent in ministry. Summer is a season when most of the programs we run take time off. Even among the pastoral staff, we are encouraged to take time to be with our families.

Today was a great reminder to slow down and spend time with my family, especially with the younger ones. So here’s to the first weekend of the summer with my family.

– jay

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