T-Shirts For Students

So this announcement comes a little later than I had hope, but better late than never. Come in July, I will be branching out into the world of printed t-shirts!

A couple of years ago, I started printing my own t-shirts for our youth group activities and retreats. It started with my own design work. I came up with the graphic, sent it out, and paid crazy prices to someone else to print the shirts. After awhile I got tired of paying a company for work that I was doing. So I looked into the process of Heat Transfer. I discovered that with a little investment, I could cut out the middle man and save on shirts and printing.

I made contacted the t-shirt warehouses, purchased some equipment, and started. Now I was paying only for the cost of the shirt and the print; no more design fees, set up fees, and overhead charges that the other company with charging me. The cost of a printed shirt was literally cut in half.

After a year or so, word got out that I was printing my own t-shirts for half of what some local youth workers were paying. Little by little, I was asked to do their shirts. I learned that for just a dollar over the cost of the shirt and print, I could offer youth groups quality shirts with multi-color prints for less than some of the larger screeners.

It was a hobby, really; something fun I did to get some extra cash. Well, I’m bringing it back! Only this time, I am launching it as a business and not just a hobby. My goal is to offer youth worker the opportunity to have custom t-shirts for their groups without having to deal with the large price tag.

I will be offering three options; 1. Custom Design and Printing, 2. Drop Type Design and Printing, and 3. Youth Ministry Novelty Shirts for Youth Workers and students.

This July, you will be able to visit my site, http://www.jayhigham.com, to check out al the designs and options!

– jay

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