The Value of Strong Adult Leadership in Youth Ministy

We have a fantastic group of adults who have committed to loving and ministering to your teens. They have become dear friends to me, and are becoming amazing youth pastors for your teens.

These men and women are not simply warm bodies who are here just to make sure things aren’t getting broken. These men and women love God and have accepted the call to love students. They are here each week because they want to be here each week. They do what they do because they want to do what they do. They are true heroes, and deserve full appreciation and support.

Becoming a member of my leadership team is a little more then someone simply saying yes when asked to help. Each potential leader must complete a four page application, sign a year long commitment, and submit to state and federal background checks. It’s not just them saying yes to the ministry, but it’s the ministry saying yes to them.

Why? Why the hoops and hurdles? Because, youth ministry is the opportunity to do God-sized work in the lives of a teens and their families. It’s a responsibility that I take very seriously, and so I want only who God wants working with me and the students of Crossroads. If a potential leader can’t agree and support our purpose statement and the vision set forth for the coming season of ministry, they will not serve with us. If a leader or potential leader sets out to be divisive and manipulative, they will be asked to step down from leadership. If a leader or a potential leader is discovered to be living a lifestyle that is contrary to the teachings of scripture, they will be removed from leadership and encouraged to repent and seek discipline and counsel from the church leadership. It sounds so harsh, I know. But I choose to honor God and trust that He knows what’s best for this ministry and that He will bring the leaders that He deems worthy for this calling.

That is why I love these men and women, and why I call them heroes.

– jay

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