is LIVE!

It’s finally live,!

This past March, I lead the Life Milestones Connect Group at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, in Chicago. It was truly an amazing experience for me. The purpose of the group was to provide youth workers who were experiencing the milestones of life a place for conversation, encouragement, and friendship.

I can honestly say, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I went ready to listen, to love, and to pray, and whatever God brought, I knew He would do something awesome! And that is what He did.

I was blown away by the Milestones that were shared. I realized that while youth workers were ministering to students and families, many of them were dealing with tough issues of their own. As youth workers we pour our lives into those we minister to. We make ourselves available 24/7, ready to respond to the needs of students and parents. We busy ourselves in our offices, spend time with students after school and in the evenings. We visit campuses, sporting events and extra curricular activities. Concerts, lock-ins, retreats, miniature golf, glo bowling, conferences, and mission trips fill our calendars. It’s busy. It’s time consuming. It’s fun. It’s our calling.

But what happens when we go home? Well, some of us are going home to major life milestones. Struggling marriages, children, sickness, aging parents, miscarriages, financial difficulties, new marriages, new babies, family feuds, loss, trauma, schooling, career and job transitions, and the joys of family are just a few of the many life milestones we encounter.

The youth workers who shared in our Connect Group, opened my eyes to something special among youth workers. Compassion. Concern. Love. Hope. As each youth worker shared what they brought, the group rallied to offer words and prayers of hope and encouragement. No one story was any more or less than another. But each, unique and special, received the same outpouring love from their peers called into ministry.

It was almost therapeutic. Youth workers were finally able to open their hearts and their hurts and share what they had been holding inside for so long, knowing that they were safe, they were loved, and that someone was listening.

As I left the conference, I felt led to find a way to continue these conversations and provide a venue for others to share! And so is born, is a site where youth workers can share their Life Milestones. It’s also a place where youth workers can read the stories and experiences of fellow youth workers. The conversation happens when youth workers comment; sharing words of hope and love.

We are more than the ministries we serve. is a new place to share the life behind the ministry. I want to invite you to visit the new website, share a Life Milestone, read a Life Milestone, and join the conversation.

The site is brand new and waiting for it’s first story. Maybe you will be the first to start the conversation!

– jay

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