Joy and Praises

This past Sunday, we held the first services and youth group in our new church facility. It was so exciting and wonderful! Both services were filled and the parking lot was over flowing. I have been totally invested in the audio/video portion of the build and was very pleased at how everything went from the A/V perspective.

But what really got me excited was our youth group gathering last evening. If you have been following me, you know that we lost our youth building to a flood as a result of a frozen and program pipe. Since February we have been meeting in the church basement. Our numbers dropped, and things got crazy as more and more was done to prepare for the move and final push to complete the new building. So to finally get into a “home” was something I was looking forward to.

Last night we had almost 50 students join us! That’s not bad considering all we’ve been through! The energy level was high as we filled our night with games and fun!!

All this is to say how thankful I am and how good our God is!! Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at making some major decisions concern our high school and new, middle school ministries. Seeing how faithful God is, gets me really excited about what He will do in the coming months!

Joy and Praise to our good and faithful God! Amen. And, AMEN!!!

– jay

One thought on “Joy and Praises

  1. This is awesome Jay! I believe the new Church will be a great ministry oppurtunity and new beginnings. It already felt like home. I heard good things about the first youth night, and Joey said that his brother Will was excited to go. Everything happens for a reason and I know God has great plans for our ministries. God bless you, the youth, and Crossroads.


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