A Sudden Realization

It’s clear that this is a season of change. But tonight, I realized something that I knew I knew. Still, it was weird. This Sunday night, we will welcome the rising 6th and 7th grade students. Among those rising students are two of my boys. L.H. – rising 7th grader and N.H. – rising 6th grader.

This past year, the oldest joined us for youth group. While he was not in the right grade, he was of age. And since Doug Fields say the YPK’s should benefit from some of the perks of the job, we allowed him to attend. But now, now I will have two boys in the group.

Now I knew that it was coming. But here is what really hit me. A friend of our stopped by the house. She has two kids, one girl; a rising 7th grader, and one boy; a rising 6th grader. They have become good friends with my kids. But all of a sudden I realized that these two friends of my kids, are now two of my students. It was weird and exciting at the same time.

Till now, we have looked to students to be role models for our kids. Now the students are my kids, and there friends. This changes so much. Really looking forward to what God is going to do in this next year.

– jay

2 thoughts on “A Sudden Realization

  1. Happening to me in the fall too. First time I’ll have a son in youth group. But, I’m stokes because it gives me a new voice with his friends parents that I’ve known for years. Plus all his friends will now have a totally new and cool connection. An as a pastors kid he’ll instantly be cool because he knows where everything is hidden at church. 😉


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