What Inspirers You

Inspiration. It’s that feeling of potential greatness as a new idea is discovered and birthed. Maybe it’s something we’ve seen. Maybe it’s something we’ve read. Maybe it’s something that someone has said. Whatever it is, it has caused us to act, to respond, to create, to do.

This weekend our church held its annual men’s retreat. Nothing special, just a simple over night trip to a local retreat center. Over 40 men gathered, ranging in ages from 25 to over 60. It was with these men that I felt inspired.

Over 40 men gathered. Not around a TVs projecting the NCAA games. Not to drink, goof around or cause trouble. These were men seeking worship, friendship, support, love, and the call that God has placed on their lives as men.

The weekend was shaped by two simple questions. 1. What do we as men, from three different age brackets, offer the church? 2. What do we as men, from three different age brackets, need from the church?

As these men shared their hearts, worshiped together, and talked about life, I was deeply inspired to be a better father, husband, man, leader, and follower of Jesus. I was touched as they shared their stories, needs, and desires. I realized that there is much to be learned, experienced, and accomplished. As each age group shared what they offered the church and want they need from the church, I saw a picture of how the Church should be.

Can I be better? A better husband? A better father? A better leader? A better man?

I want to be.

– jay

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