Can God Speak Using a School District

I have been waiting to hear God’s voice for about 2 years. You know the story; not in the wind, not in the earthquake, but in a still small voice… Well, how about in a decision from the school board?

For the last 2 years I have been struggling with the tension between our Junior and Senior High students. We currently meet as a combined group. It’s been this way for years. But recently, the junior high numbers have exploded while the senior high numbers have dwindled. We have talked about splitting our group creating separate junior high and senior high groups. But even with all the talking and planning, it never felt right. So we have committed to pray and wait for God’s timing trusting that He will move when the time is right.

But today the local paper ran a story announcing a restructuring that will take affect in September 2011. The change would include the closing of 2 elementary schools and some shifting of grades. Currently our high school consists of grades 10-12. Junior high is made up of 7-9. Middle school includes 4-6, leave K-3 as our elementary. The shift would define high school as 9-12, and junior high as 6-8.

In our church we sponsor two exciting programs for students; King’s Kids for grades K-6, and Crossroads for grades 7-12. The change in the schools will directly impact both programs, causing us to shift grades around so we continue to align with the class breakdowns.

While this is not official, significant changes might be in store for both programs. And we might have the very answer we’ve been waiting for. Crossroads might finally see a Junior High Senior High split. If it happens, it will be monumental!

Of course there is much that needs to be discussed and prayed about, but a split is something we need. With only 6 weeks left in our 2010-2011 season, there will be no immediate changes to our program. But I am very excited about what God is planning for the ministry and the students of Crossroads.

– jay

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