With Grand Resolve

We all know that one of the keys to successful, healthy student ministry is relationships. Making a connection with students is important, but developing a relationship is vital.

I have always worked hard to develop good relationships with my students. With some students there is an instant connection; the chemistry is there and a friendships are formed. But with some students a challenge is present and I have to work a little harder to establish that relationship. No one youth worker will have a deep connection with every student. Can we influence or impact? Absolutely! But I don’t believe we can know every student in deep, intimate relationships. That is why we recruit volunteer youth workers from the local church. Where we can’t find those special friends, we hope and pray they will be found among our volunteers.

This past year I have felt an almost overwhelming pressing on my hearts to aggressively pursue greater relations. As I continue to process all the thoughts and training following lasts weekend’s to Chicago for SYM, my resolve to establish deeper relations with my students has never been so strong.

Take a few minutes to consider how you interact with your students. Then every couple of months, evaluate what your doing to develop and grow those relationship. Work on those relationship and watch what God will do in the life of our students.

– jay

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