SYMC 2011 – What Are You Looking Forward To Most?

With the Simply Youth Ministry Conference only 5 days away, I’ve started thinking about why I am soo excited! What am I Looking Forward too Most?

Well, here it goes…

– Change of Pace: The conference offers something outside the norm. This will be a change of pace as I get out of the office, leaving behind the routines of ministry and doing whatever looks interesting. A change of scenery is always good.

– Rest: Yes, the conference will begin early in the morning and run late into the night, and there will be a lot of walking, and LOTS of convo’s with other youth workers, yet this will be a restful time. Just knowing that you can go back to your room and nap without anyone making you feel guilty is rest in itself.

– To Be With the Like-Minded (or the weird-minded as the case may be): A conference for youth workers, by youth workers is a novel idea. And there’s nothing like being with your own kind. Pretty sure our kind was created on the 8th or 9th day… “And God said, ‘And let there be youth workers, and let them dress weird, grow facial hair, and gather with their kind…” Gen. 1:something or other. Yeah we’re obsessed with facial hair, hip clothes, and trying to be cool; we simply feel better when we’re all together.

Being Refreshed: Let’s face it, youth ministry is tough and exhausting. The conference is a source of fuel. It re-ignites my passions, desire, creativity, and excitement. It confirms this crazy call in my life and reminds me that this is a career, even when others don’t fully understand why I haven’t become a grown up pastor. It let’s me know that the sacrifices we make as a family, to do without some things so we can keep serving the church, are worth it. And it helps me to find joy when meeting with Junior Highers, when all they want to do is laugh at the obnoxious body noises they make.

Fun, Fun, Fun: The conference is a source of fun. We laugh, we cry, and we laugh some more. I mean, The Skit Guys are there! Do I really need to say any more?

To Spend Time with my Bride: This year especially, I am looking forward to sharing the conference with my wife. It’s been a long time since we have done a conference together. I look forward to sharing with her what God is teaching me. I look forward to being able to worship together; without the little ones pawing at us wanting to be held. I look forward to having grown up time to talk, hold hands, sit close, sleep in, and be husband and wife.

To Be Part of the Team: This year, I will be serving as a Connect Group Leader (see this mornings blog). What a wonderful opportunity to share in ministry. I love being with youth workers, hearing their stories, seeing what God is doing in their lives and ministry. To encourage and be encouraged. To share, learn, and grow with my brothers and sisters in Christ. What a glorious picture of the Church.

What am I looking forward to most?

I’m looking forward to spending time in the presence of my heavenly DADDY.

Yeah, it’s going to be awesome!!!

Hope to see you there!

– jay

2 thoughts on “SYMC 2011 – What Are You Looking Forward To Most?

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