Evaluating While Preparing to Move

This past Sunday night was our second night of displacement since the flood. It’s been 3 years since we’ve held youth group in the church basement. 121 Center Place has been a wonderful home.

But now we are preparing for a new phase of student ministry. In a few weeks, the church will move into our new facility located just outside of town. The new church building has prompted a barrage of potential ministry ideas, along with a renewed excitement for community outreach and growth. As the saying goes, the future is bright. Praise God.

At the same time, I am finally finished reading Doug Fields’, Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry. As you know, it’s my second time reading through the book, as I revisit the youth ministry books that have impacted my ministry these last 20 years.

God’s timing is perfect. As I complete the book, I am about to begin a 3 month ministry evaluation. I’ve asked my Adult Leaders to help me take a hard look at our programs, activities, ministry teams, student care, and outreach. Loosing our “home” and evaluating the ministry is causing us to really think about what we do and what we will do when we move.

There’s no one way to do youth ministry. And change is part of the growth process. Taking an honest look at what we’re doing will help us rely more on God and less on our own ambitions and wants.

– jay

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