The Power of Glee

I was catching up on some Hulu TV watching when the episode, Grilled Cheesus, from Glee came on. I was struck by the storyline of the episode. The image of Jesus appears on a grilled cheese and leads to a discussion of God. Does it exist? What kind of a God is He? Why does He do what He does?

The topic is pushed further as the character, Kirk, a gay teenager and member of the glee club, learns of his father’s heartache and bleak outlook. While the club rallies to offer support, prayers, and songs of encouragement, Kirk professes his lack of belief in a God.

As I watched the episode play itself out, I was impressed by the way they handled the issues that many teenagers struggle with when it comes to dealing spirituality. While the idea of a grilled cheesus was humorous and silly, the issues of homosexuality, bullying, harassment, life and death, doubt, faith and spirituality are serious matters. As each student reached out to Kirk and his father in their own ways, I wondered how we as a church would respond to a person like the character of Kirk?

If you haven’t watched the episode, I encourage you to set aside the next 45 minutes and check it out. Sure there’s the goofiness of comedy that comes with the show Glee, but there is also this powerful storyline of faith and the value of believing in something.

What are our students believing? What Truths are they holding to? How does their faith cause them to respond when their friends are forced to deal with the possible loss of a parent?

I’m curious to hear your thoughts. After watching the episode, what teachable moments impact you? How would you use the content of the show as an illustration? And, are your students able and willing to talk opening about what they believe?

Share your thoughts in the comment box!


– jay

One thought on “The Power of Glee

  1. I loved that episode of glee. i think we need to teach students to be the ones who stand up for the underdogs of jr and high school…they should lead the way!


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