Spending Some Time In Colorado

So I’m in Colorado for the early part of the week, participating in Groups IT (Inside Track) Team Summit. Our purpose is to process through the Simply Youth Ministry Conference and make it better. Quite a task for a conference that is already so good.

Regardless, there is a desire to see this conference impact youth workers and their ministries in dramatic ways. We’ve been divided into groups that reflect the many parts of the conference to evaluate, dream, and pray for the SYMC coming up in Chicago in March 2011.

It’s amazing to see how much ministries like Group and Simply Youth Ministry care about youth workers. I am very excited about what may come from this weekend. If nothing else, it will make for an amazing conference in March.

If you haven’t registered for a conference, I highly recommend the Simple Youth Ministry Conference. Visit the web site at; http://www.conference.youthministry.com. Of scroll to the bottom of the blog and click on the link for The Simply Youth Ministry Conference.

– jay

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