…daily REVIEW

Have you seen the new resource coming from the desk of Doug Fields?
Why not?

Doug Fields has teamed with the “ever so wise”, Matt McGill, to produce a daily e-source designed to encourage, build up, and educate youth workers. For years, Doug has been at the forefront of youth ministry. From Saddleback to PDYM to Simply Youth Ministry to Group, Doug’s resources, books, and materials have served thousands of youth workers with solid advice, creative ministry ideas, practical tools and how-to’s, effective training materials, and easy to use teaching resources. I, as one of those thousands, have greatly benefitted from his wisdom, knowledge, experience, and willingness to be open and honest.

Now that wisdom, knowledge, experience, and honesty come to your inbox on a daily basis. And it’s FREE!!!

Together, Doug (no doubt the brains of this)* and Matt (along for the ride)*, offer daily thoughts, ideas, and encouragement for the youth worker up to his eyeballs with ministry must-do’s. The “not-too-wordy” emails deal with real youth ministry related topics, offer solid and practical suggestions and ideas, and help you to get a handle on improving your ministry and self.

The|daily is free, arrives three to four times a week, and is easily forwarded to your staff so they too can be encouraged and loved!

If you haven’t subscribed to the|daily, I highly recommend you do so! Go to, complete the profile registration, and you’ll start seeing the|daily in your inbox.

– jay

* Just kidding Matt. I know you’re contributing something! Keep up the good work!

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