Summer Camp Review

Let me talk about summer camp. I love summer camp. Growing up, we spent a lot of summers at camp. My parents both volunteered at a summer camp. I have pictures of me in a small metal tub taking a bath at camp when I was just a toddler. As soon as I was old enough, I was a camper. I never missed a summer.

As a teenager I work on the Jr. Counseling staff. Then I served as a Sr. counselor. Before long I was directing camp. In 1998, I was the Program director at a camp in Wellsboro, PA for 2 summers. From 2005 to 2007 I worked as the Summer Camp Director for Pine Springs Camp, in Jennerstown. I’ve got years of retreating and camp experience. I love camp.

But I want to brag about some friends of mine who run a fantastic summer camp program, Summer’s Best Two Weeks (SB2W).

Over the last two weeks, my boys have been campers at SB2W. My oldest lasted the full two weeks, while my #2 had to leave camp with a broken leg almost mid way through the camp. This morning we picked up #1. Both boys had an amazing time.

I had the opportunity to visit the camp during the term and see the camp in action while learn a little bit more about the philosophy of their ministry. I was so impressed!

SB2W is a sports camp, but not a camp that is about producing hybrid athletes. The focus of SB2W is to develop athletes who are giving God the glory on the playing field. They promote the, God first, Others second, Me third philosophy, encouraging their campers to perform for an audience of One. Campers complete as either a Galation or a Roman, which is a life long designation, in various sporting events, personal skills, and Christian development. Everything is a competition. Everything earns you points. And in the end, someone wins and someone loses. But whether you win or lose, it’s in how you play and who you play for that really matters.

Everything that this camp does is done with excellence. Counselors are mature, responsible, and caring. The leadership team is committed, reliable, and great at what they do. An amazing team of volunteers support the year round staff who are simply awesome.

I haven’t been so impressed with a summer camp in years. My boys have already said they want to go back next year. And for me, that means, they had a great time.

Summer’s Best Two Weeks runs multiple camps. Lake Gloria is their first. SB2W The Que is their second. SB2Dub Citi-Kidz is their inner city ministry. But along with these three, SB2W has sites in the Dominican Republic and Russia, along with Day Camp programs scattered all over.

Visit the SB2W website at,, to learn more about the camp, the staff, and the ministry. If you are looking for a camp that will challenge your athletes, SB2W is a camp that I would strongly recommend.

– jay

4 thoughts on “Summer Camp Review

  1. hey!
    I also go to SB2W (1st term Lake Gloria)
    Everything you have said is true. It’s an amazing camp that teaches great lessons on life. What team are your sons on? I’m a roman 😀


    • Hey Lauren! What’s your last name? I know that seems really strange but I was in cabin 10 this past year and I think I might know you (: lemme know (: thankks


  2. Hey (: I go to first term Lake Gloria too! Camp is so amazing and it has made such a big impact on my life. I love all that you said and I really hope more people find out and that they can refer to your blog for a description because what you said is great. Thanks so much! Go GALATIANS! (:


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