A Blog to Say…There’s No Blog…

We finished day two of our Day Camp to rush to the ballpark for our #1&#2 sons’ little league championship series. Tonight was game 2 of a best in three series. Their team took game one with force. But tonight’s game was a true battle which ended in defeat. The final was a very close, 14-13.

Both teams played a great game, and all involved should be proud of all the boys. The hardest thing was that our two boys were at camp. So I had to drive out to pick them up, get them to the game, then take them back. Fortunately, the camp is only 20 minutes away. We had hoped that tonight would end with a win, and the boys would be able to finish their time at SB2W. So tomorrow I will drive back to camp, pick them up, get them to the game, and return them for what’s left of their two week stay.

My only thoughts worth sharing are about integrity in sports and life; thoughts that should really be shared. But I am going to have to wait till tomorrow evening to type them out.

So tonight, I am writing to let you know that there will be no blog about ministry, just a few thoughts from a proud dad, pleased to know his boys did a great job, played hard, and are back at camp with their new friends.

Come back tomorrow night for some additional thoughts!

– jay

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