Crossroads’ Series Summaries for 2010-2011

Here are the summaries for our 2010-2011 teaching series.

Welcome to Crossroads
– For the first time, I want to take the first two weeks of the school year to go over some Crossroad etiquette. I want to set tone for Sunday Night LIVE! Right out of the gate. We’ll talk about things like respect; both for students and adults. We’ll talk about the weekly format and how students can get the most out of every Sunday night. We’ll introduce the new small groups called, Cgroups (Care Groups). We’ll announce the mid-week Bible Study that will launch on Wednesdays starting in October! And we’ll talk about the revamped after school program called, Open Door. By laying out what we expect, I hope to avoid some of the issues we dealt with this year.
Sept. Sunday, 19 Welcome to Crossroads – Week 1
Sept. Sunday, 26 Welcome to Crossroads – Week 2

Help! I’m A Teenager!
– Help! I’m A Teenager, was extremely successful as a series that challenged students to think about how they deal with some of the every day issues that most teens struggle with. This year, we will look at four new topics that most teens will face. Like last year, these topics will be hot buttons, topics that most people don’t like to talk about. This year we will use the movie, To Save A Life as a springboard for some of the topics we will be discussing.
Oct. Sunday, 03 Help! I’m A Teenager – Week 1
Oct. Sunday, 10 Help! I’m A Teenager – Week 2
Oct. Sunday, 17 Help! I’m A Teenager – Week 3
Oct. Sunday, 24 Help! I’m A Teenager – Week 4

Simply Jesus
– As we enter the Advent Season, I want to look at some of the characteristics of Jesus. This will actually be part one of two. The second part will take place during Lent in 2011. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what Jesus did for us on the cross. But we haven’t spent a whole lot of time talking about some of the other attributes of Jesus’ ministry. What examples did Jesus give us by how we should live our lives today? Things like service, compassion, conviction, obedience, self control, forgiveness, patience, and spiritual habits. We’ll look at these, and/or similar topics as we think about it is to be like, Jesus.
Dec. Sunday, 05 Simply Jesus; Week 1
Dec. Sunday, 12 Simply Jesus; Week 2
Dec. Sunday, 19 Simply Jesus; Week 3

My Purpose
– We were created with purpose. We will ring in the new year considering what our purpose in this life is; Fellowship, Ministry, Discipleship, Worship, and Evangelism. The gospel of Matthew accounts for us what is most important to the heart of God; that we love Him above all else, love our neighbor as our selves, to tell be about Jesus, to enlarge the family of God, and to teach them what they need to know to grow in their relationship with God.
Jan. Sunday, 09 My Purpose; The Call!
Jan. Sunday, 16 My Purpose; Connected to…
Jan. Sunday, 23 My Purpose; How We Care…
Jan. Sunday, 30 My Purpose; Cultivate the Heart…
Feb. Sunday, 13 My Purpose; Celebrate…

March Crazy-ness!
– March is all about basketball. We call it, March Madness! Well, at Crossroads we want to have our own madness. The difference is, we’re not mad for basketball, we’re Crazy for what God is doing in our lives. This three week series will focus on adults and students from within Crossroads. I’ll be looking for students and adults who want to share what God is doing in their lives. Everything about this series will be “CRAZY”! Crazy games, skits, challenges, surprises, and even our FRIDAYnight events will all be CRAZY-FUN!
Mar. Sunday, 06 March Crazy-ness! Week 1 – Special Speaker (adult or student)
Mar. Sunday, 13 March Crazy-ness! Week 2 – Special Speaker (adult or student)
Mar. Sunday, 20 March Crazy-ness! Week 3 – Special Speaker (adult or student)
Simply Jesus – Part 2
– This will be the conclusion to our Advent Series, Simply Jesus. Like December’s edition, we’ll focus on Jesus and how we can be more like Him.
Apr. Sunday, 03 Simply Jesus; Week 1 – Easter
Apr. Sunday, 10 Simply Jesus; Week 2 – Easter
Apr. Sunday, 17 Simply Jesus; Week 3 – Easter

Student or Adult Led Nights
Along with our six series, there will be the return of, You Own The Night, and a number of student/adult leader led nights.

You Own the Night!
Sunday, November 14, – You Own The Night! Seniors.
Sunday, February 20, – You Own The Night! Juniors.
Sunday, March 27, – You Own The Night! Sophomores.
Sunday, May 1, – You Own The Night! Jr. High.

Adult/Student Led Nights!
Sunday, October 31, – could be the return of the Pumpkin Party?
Sunday, November 21, – Annual Turkey Bowl
Sunday, February 06, – The BIG Game Sunday, Adult/Student Leader Led Super Bowl Party
Sunday, May 15, – Parent’s Night 2011 – Jay & Student Leaders to plan
Sunday, May 22, – Year End Cookout! – Jay and Adult Leaders to plan

Sunday, September 5, – Labor Day! No Crossroads.
Sunday, November 28, – Thanksgiving Break. No Crossroads.
Sunday, December 26, – Christmas Break. No Crossroads.
Sunday, January 2, – Christmas Break. No Crossroads.
Sunday, February 27, – Return from Winter Retreat. No Crossroads.
Sunday, April 24, – Easter Sunday. No Crossroads.
Sunday, May 8, – Mother’s Day. No Crossroads.
Sunday, May 29, – Memorial Day. Crossroads’ Summer Break.

– jay

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