Today, I Became A Man…

Today, I became a man.

Most people might think you become a man in your early teens, about the time your voice starts to sound funny or when your upper lip always looks dirty. Some might say its when you turn 18, register with the government, or choose your political party and complete your voters card. Some say it’s when you turn 21, your legal to drink! And some say it’s when you marry the woman you love. But for me, today was the day!


Because today, I did something I never thought I would have to do. Today, I walked into a men’s clothing store and I bought (pause to dramatic effect) my first suit.

I have never owned a suit. I’ve never had the need to own a suit. But after 20 years of serving in the “church” I have reached the place where I finally need a suit.

Next weekend I am officiating the wedding ceremony of two of my students. As this is a special occasion, my first wedding, and because it’s two special people, I saw fit to finally look like a pastor.

It was a unique experience. I walked into a store where the salesmen all wore suits. Suits and suit coats lined the walls from front to back, floor to almost the ceiling. I was lost. I had no idea where to look, or what to look for. And the price tags on the jackets that I did look at made my jaw drop.

Fortunately, I was rescued and when asked if I needed help, I said YES. After that, it was quick and painless. And the prices, they included the pants!

In about twenty minutes I was suited up, pants were hemmed, the seams were pressed, the jacket prepped, wrapped, and I was out the door!

Who would have thought that manhood was some how connected to the purchase of your first suit.

Do I feel different? Not really. But, I look pretty good in my new suit!!

– jay

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