Student Leader Development – Week 1; May 12, 2010

Tonight begun a six week training period for our student leaders. For the last two years I have used Doug Fields’ book, “Help! I’m A Student Leader.” It one of the most practical and useful books I’ve come across. The best part is that it is written to the student leader!

This year I am changing the training to tailor it to the specific needs of our ministry. My students will still have to read Doug’s book, but along with his book, I am writing my own Student Leader Handbook. The handbook will help me to highlight what I like most from Doug’s book while going over issues and specific needs and uniqueness of Crossroads and the ministry we have here in Somerset.

Tonight, we spent time discussing what it means to be a Student Leader. We looked at Matthew 20, where John and James’ mothers asks Jesus for a favor. Here request was to seat her sons to the left and right of Jesus when He comes into His kingdom. A bold and audacious request to say the least. But Jesus uses the request to teach the true meaning of leadership. We then looked at Philippians 2, where Paul calls us to live by the example of Jesus who lived as a servant, humble and obedient.

I stressed that leadership was ultimately about service. Doug has a great comment in his book, “Leadership is not about popularity; it’s about…guess what? Serving. If you don’t serve others, you’re not a Christian leader. I don’t care how popular, charismatic, and wonderful you are…if you want to be a leader, you must be a servant. Get it? (Got it!) Good!” (Help! I’m A Student Leader. Doug Fields.)

I agree 200%. With this quote, I challenged my students to consider very carefully and prayerfully their reasons for joining the Student Leadership Team.

I have great hopes for this years Student Leaders. But what I want to know is, what do you use when you train your student leaders?

Share your resources in the comment box. Thanks.

– jay

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