It’s Time To Register for The National Youth Workers Convention!

I know I’m a little late in getting this out, but last Wednesday, Youth Specialties (YS) opened registration for the 2010 National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC). YS is hosting 2 conventions this year, the first in San Diego, CA, and the second in Nashville, TN.

The San Diego dates are; October 1-4, 2010, with the Nashville, dates as; November 19-22, 2010.

Over the last couple of months, YS has been posting the confirmed speakers/presents/artist at the NYWC website. The growing list is an impressive collection of “circuit speakers” with a nice selection of newer faces and names. I am most excited to see a few favorites, such as Doug Fields, return to the Big Room Stage, even though he’ll only be in SD. (What’s up with that, YS? Bring him to Nashvegas, too!!!)

I’m looking forward to this years convention, for many reasons, but this one in particular; the return of the great, Tic Long! In the past I have written much about Tic and YS, and how both have impacted my ministry. It will be good to see Tic back at the helm.

So register now! With only the two conventions, space will be limited. As the conventions draws closer, I know I’ll have much more to say!! So, stay tuned!

– jay

2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Register for The National Youth Workers Convention!

  1. Thanks for the love, Jay. Glad you like the line-up. We’re happy to have Doug back on our stage. It’s pretty tough to work with everyone’s schedules… we certainly wish we could dictate who is available when!


  2. Hey Adam, thanks for the comment. Yeah, I’m stoked for NYWC2010. Totally understand the scheduling thing. Maybe I’ll have to go to San Diego instead of Nashvegas….?? Nah! Nashvegas it is!!


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