After a Great Weekend of Ministry, I Have To Deal With This…

What can ruin an almost perfect weekend?

How about walking into your bed room to discover another bat!

I am really beginning to hate these things. Sunday night we headed off to bed. Amy was in the bathroom doing her nightly ritual, I went up to the room. As I was getting ready, I heard a tap, click, click, tap, coming from the window. As much as I tried to deny it, I knew what it was.

I quickly grabbed my flashlight and went to investigate; praying that I would be wrong. But I was right. Caught between the screen and the glass, a bat. With the nice weather, Amy has been opening windows around the house. We have not seen a bat since last August and thought we had beaten them. We don’t know where they are coming from, but my hunch is through the screens.

As soon as I saw that it was a bat, I slid the window closed, trapping the nasty thing between the glass and the screen. At least in the window, I knew it wouldn’t be flying around the room. The bat climbed and tapped, clicked and chirped; knowing it was there and being able to hear it was crazy. So we turned up the radio.

By morning the bat was gone. We assumed that it has squeezed it’s way out around the edge of the screen. So far tonight, the room has been clear. Not much freaks me out. But knowing that there is a strong chance that we will be dealing with this throughout the summer is wigging me out. Amy and I have been talking about moving to a bigger house; this might be the match that sets the bon fire ablaze.

Anyone know of a five bedroom, 2+ bathroom house, that is bat free, and under $200,000.00? We might be interested!

Man, I hate bats…

– the highams

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