Turning the Night Over

This coming Sunday, we are doing something new at Crossroads. I am stealing an idea from HSM at Saddleback and allowing the students to completely take over a night at Crossroads. At HSM they called it, You Own The Weekend. Students from the area high schools each took a weekend and planned and led all HSM services. I thought this was a great idea. I love to see students take ownership.

So this Sunday, we are launch our own, “You Own The Night.” For the next four weeks, each of the high school grades will be taking ownership of the Sunday night service. From the beginning to the end, the students will be responsible for everything that goes on at Crossroads.

I am looking forward to the month for a number of reasons. I want to see the students actually lead their peers. I’m looking for a few students to step out and shine, display the qualities of leadership, and get excited about serving. But I am also looking for ideas as we think about the future of the Crossroads’ ministry.

By 2011, we hope to be moving into our new church building. With the move will come a larger place for ministry, including a gym (multi-purpose room). We want to know what elements the students think are important on a Sunday night and what are not.

It’s an experiment in trust. I’m glad the students are doing ministry. And I expect great things. But at the same time, I hope everyone does their part. If not, it’s going to be a rough month. We’ll see!

– jay

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