Simply Youth Ministry Conference…Post 1

As I type, it is 4:12. I’m only a couple hours from meeting with a team of guys from Richfield, PA. The suitcase is packed and my excitement level at a 10. I feel like a kid at Christmas.

The Simply Youth Ministry Conference is a conference that I have been wanting to attend for quite awhile. You know I am a die hard Youth Specialties guys. And I am a big time promoter/supporter of the National Youth Workers Convention. But this conference has really tweaked my interest, and not because this is a Doug Fields’ thing.

Group launched what was then called the National Youth Ministry Conference a number of years ago. Last year, it was announced that the NYMC was now the Simply Youth Ministry Conference (SYMC). What I like about this conferences is the fact that it is smaller and more personal. The SYMC markets itself as a conference with connection.

I plan on blogging throughout the conference; sharing my experiences, thoughts, impressions, and what I learn. I am also looking, hopefully, to meet up with Josh Griffin, Jake Rutenbar, and of course Doug Fields. I am 100% pro Youth Specialties and NYWC 2010, but I am also 100% PDYM and I love Simply Youth Ministries Resources and the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast. To connect with the “Team” would be great.

My ride is scheduled to pick me up around 6:30 p.m. Then it’s an 8 and a half hour ride to Chicago. I will be tweeting along the way, and will post again late Friday night with my first impressions. So check back on Friday. You can follow me on Twitter at: If you haven’t subscribed to the blog, please do so and receive my updates and posts via email. Till tomorrow…

– jay

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