Looking Forward to Being With The Like-Minded

Last week started out a little rough. Some news came in causing a huge distraction and I quickly became frustrated with my ministry. But late Tuesday night, a ray of hope beamed in. Now I am planning to step away from my desk this weekend to travel to Chicago for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.

Youth Ministry is hard. Many in the church don’t understand youth ministry much less the youth worker. So to be able to go away and spend some time with like minded people is a true blessing.

I am so looking forward to getting refueled and renewed, and to spend time with men and women who understand the ups and downs of student ministry. Doug Fields is my ultimate youth ministry hero, so to simply be in the same state with him will be a blessing.

Youth Workers need youth workers. That’s why I want to become a PDYM Mentor. We need to have connection and community with each other to encourage, build up, refine, sharpen, and care for one another. Conferences like SYMC and NYWC provide youth workers with the opportunity to rest, grow, connect, and continue.

If you have never attended a youth workers conference, you need to make it a priority to seek one out and attend. I strongly recommend the Simply Youth Ministry Conference hosted by Group and Doug Fields, and the National Youth Workers Convention run by Youth Specialties.

How about you? Do you have a favorite youth worker conference or convention? Please share below, and tell why you look forward to your time there. Promoting links are welcome!

– jay

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