Time & Youth Ministry…Part 2

The more I think about time, the more I have to stop and understand who time belongs to. Too often, I sit down on Monday morning and think about all of the things I have to do, want to do and hate to do, and try to cram them into a schedule so they get done. Then I feel defeated when Friday comes and I still have a couple items that haven’t gotten finished.

Does it please God when we live so tightly to a schedule? Or does it break His heart when we put our own goals to the calendar instead of His? Is that part of the curse, that by the sweat of our brow and through painful toil we have to work for our substance? Should there be a struggle between the Do To List and the clock?

I can’t believe that that is the design.

10 years ago, ministry was much easier then it is now. At the time, my wife and I served a growing ministry. We had two kids, 2 and under. Students were welcome in our house. Our kids were young enough to pack up and take with us. I had more time to go and be with students. Now we have 5 kids ranging from 12 to 16 months. The older kids are playing sports and developing their own interests. It’s not as easy to pack up five kids for the retreat. And they want time with me just like my students. Time and I are now in conflict as I balance out life and ministry.

But I believe this is a battle that can be overcome when we have our priorities in order and we begin to use our time for God’s purposes and goal instead of our own.

God controls all time and things happen according to His timing. I love to be reminded of this when I read words like, “In the fullness of time,” or “At that time,” or “At the appointed time,” in the Bible. For me these phrases speak to things happening at their appointed time. All things happen according to God’s perfect timing. So we too are here and bound by God’s perfect time.

But do we believe that? Do we surrender our time to God’s timing? Or do we dictate what we do, perhaps missing out on opportunities to respond to God’s leading?

As you thing about your time, take a few minutes to consider how you fashion your week. Are listing the goals and To Do Lists based on what you think you need to accomplish? It’s a challenge for all of us because we all have a pile of things to be taken care of on our desks.

My hope for you is that like me, you would consider how you organize your time at the start of the week. Think about what God is teaching you and how you can leave time for His fingerprints in your life.

This isn’t the end of our discussion. check back in tomorrow for part 3. In the meantime, please share your thoughts and comments using the link at the top of this post. Thanks!

– jay

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