Verizon or AT&T

So Amy and I have been talking about switching wireless carriers. We want to save a little money while considering adding up to two more lines. We’ve spoken with AT&T. They have a great deal that included 2 iPhones and up to three FREE messenging phones. The deal comes out to about $220 plus taxes.

Verizon is currently making almost $200 a month from us with only two lines, one being a smart phone. To add additional lines it would cost us $10.00 per line, plus $10 for messenging, plus the cost of the phone.

So last night we posted on Facebook what we were thinking and asked for thoughts, ideas, and comments. Below is what our friends shared.

From Facebook…
MS – Steve definitely loves his.
HCWE – do it- Eric loves his
KH – Good choice
KHW – I love my iPhone, go for it!
LE – iphones are great, but i a lot of the time just don’t receive texts or calls.. it’s so frustrating, but it may be most phones!
JDW – iphone is coming to verizon this summer, plus at&t 3g is terrible
MP – do you like service or cook gagdetry? go with verizon if 1, and the double t for 2
CDV – We love our iPhones!!! They are so much more than just a phone and the apps are mind boggling – no one else is close, in my humble opinion. We convinced don, he’s only had his a week, and he loves it!
DR – My brother in law likes his, but says the 3g doesn’t work well here.
DGL – We were with ATT at one time… didn’t like it
DN – I get Verizon service in many places others don’t…rarely lose it.
HS – I had at &t and couldn’t get the BARS that I get with Verizon. GO VERIZON !
HS – Also.. just got a Droid.. ♥ it !
DGL – Weldon and I both have droids LUV them!!! I do so much more with my new phone than the last…
CH – Don’t do it! People I know did it and were very unhappy!!!!!! I phone may be great but not the service!
JHM – I love verizon…mainly cause so many people I know have it….Jay had verizon, hated it and now has AT and T and LOVES his iphone……I mean LOVES it.
DBM – Don’t do it! Then you won’t be “in” for me. 😦

JH – Stick to Verizon. The iPhone is overrated.
JS – you will love the phone and not the coverage….i like my droid until iphone comes to verizon.

So what do you think? AT&T or Verizon?

Comment below. I’ll post our final decision on Monday!

– jay

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