Crossroads’ Super Bowl Sunday Gathering!

We survived another great Super Bowl. Last night was amazing. We had a room full of students, more food then we could eat, and a ton of give-a-way door prizes! Here’s a look at last night.

Doors opened at 5:45, and students and leaders started pouring in pretty quick. We asked every student to bring at least one 2 lt drink and a bagged snack to share. We also asked parents and the congregation to help with some extra football foods. We were blessed with, 15 pizzas, 200 wings, 48 hot dogs, 6 large subs, two veggie trays, a huge tray of potato skins, a cheese and meat tray, fruit salad, cookies, brownies, about 50 bags of chips, Doritos, pretzels, etc, and about 50 bottles of soda.

We were also blessed by our community businesses who lavished us with a ton one items that we gave away. Things ranged from pencils, note pads, and rulers from the local banks to hats and t-shirts to gift cards for Brewsters, the Christian Bookstore, iTunes, and a sweet Starbucks mug set with coffee. It was so much fun giving stuff away!

It was a little tough getting our final numbers, but we estimate around 60-70 with adults, families, and students.

Along with the game, we had the Wii going, a bunch of Fooseball games, ping-pong, and many great conversations. Our friend, Timotheus Pope shared the gospel during our half time show. Who’s Timotheus? Visit my page and check out one of the episodes of “Questions with Timo.”

We also showed four of our own Super Bowl commercials. You can see them in posts below.

It was a great night filled with laughter, good conversations, and smiling students. Relationship building was high on our priority list, and I think we did pretty well.

All in all it was a huge success!

How was your party? Share your responses below.

– jay

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