A Blanket of White

Today we were covered in white. A significant snow storm nailed the east coast. Here on the mountain, we saw in the area of 28 to 36″ of fresh snow. It’s really beautiful to look at. Not so much fun to shovel, but still pretty.

So it all got me to thinking about the beauty of snow. Living in western PA, you get use to seeing the color gray. I’ve often said that the official color of Pittsburgh is gray, because we don’t see too many blue skies. Even here on the mountain, the skies can be gray. Winter lasts from October to April. Summer doesn’t start until July, and runs through the end of August. Spring and Fall last for just a few weeks. (Now, there is a little bit of exaggeration in all of this, but not much.)

Complaining aside, we are glad to see the snow because it covers the yuck of the fall and winter. For a short time everything is white and clean.

What a great reminder of God’s never ceasing love. How often does He look down at us and instead of seeing something beautiful, He sees the yuck of sin? So He covers us with His forgiveness; like a blanket of white.

There is two feet plus of snow outside. It’s deep. It’s hard to walk in. But oh so beautiful. I am forgiven; covered by the grace and forgiveness of God’s love. It’s deep. And I don’t want to move away from it. And in His eyes, I am oh so beautiful.

So as you shovel, plow, or blow snow, take the time to look around and remember the beauty in the snow. We are a forgiven people cover with a blanket of white.

– jay

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