What’s the Point of The Super Bowl Party at Youth Group?

This Sunday we will celebrate one of the most cherished unofficial holidays in our country; Super Bowl Sunday! All over this great land of ours, hundreds of thousands of Americans will be situated in front of their TV’s watching Super Bowl XLIV. Likewise, dozens of churches and youth groups will halt their programs, tune their TV’s and focus their attention towards Florida.

Obsession and idolatry aside, is there a worthy purpose to hosting a Super Bowl gathering? And if so, what are you planning?

For me, we have always taken a pause for the big game. When we were in Pittsburgh, football (and the Steelers) was pretty important. A Super Bowl party was a natural event. And we always saw good numbers! The event was a great time to hang out and talk with students.

Over the last 10 years I have become more of a football fan. And still living in Steeler country, football is a big thing. So this Sunday, we will again join the scores of thousands and Crossroads’ will host another Super Bowl Sunday gathering.

Along with plenty of food for 50-60 students plus adults, we will open the doors at 121 Center Place, fire up the flat screens, and cheer on the teams as they battle for the title. But it won’t be all about the game. There will be ministry taking place.

Of course the game will be on the three large screens, but there will be a number of other activities happening. We are sponsoring a Fooseball Tournament. The Wii will be up and running. We will be showing our set of Super Bowl Commercials and promos. We have collected a ton of items that we will be giving away as door prizes from local businesses. Timotheus Pope, friend and director of SB2W’s Citikidz, will speak to the students during our half-time show. And we will be filming a bummer video about Love for our next speaker.

But the most important part of the night will come when the adult leaders sit down with the students and talk. Relationship building is a continuous process. Nights like Sunday, when the programming is minimal, lend to the perfect situations for one on one ministry.

So while there will be great fun watching the Colts and the Saint going to war, the real champions will be the ones who see God moving and changing lives.

Is there a worthy purpose to hosting a Super Bowl gathering? And if so, what are you planning? Please share your thoughts and comments below.

– jay

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