Tic Long Returns to YS; All The World Is Right…

This might be the biggest news story of the day! Well aside from the shooting is St. Louis, and the terror stuff happening with the skyways, and the health care thingy, and the fact that we have a lame president that’s screwing things up…

TIC LONG RETURNS TO YOUTH SPECIALTIES as the new Executive Director of Youth Specialties. How awesome is THAT?!

Tic has been at the heart of Youth Specialties and the face of the NYWC for decades. In 2009, Zondervan released Tic from his responsibilities at YS, while they sorted at YS’s future. Youth Works purchase the events side of YS in past December, while Zondervan maintained the publishing rights.

Tic returns was effective as of January 1, 2010. (Talk about a great way to kick off the year!) According to the YS press release, Tic will be the lead guy to move Youth Specialties forward.

Take a few minutes and read the press release: http://www.youthspecialties.com/pressrelease/20100107_whatsnext.php.

So what does this mean for us on the ground. Many of us were up in arms when we heard that Tic was gone. More of us questioned the reasoning when Marko was fired. And we were surprised to hear that YS was being sold!

But now that more light is being shade on the whole YSgate, what are your thoughts? Is having Tic back a good thing? What do you make of Youth Works ownership?

Please share your comments below!

– jay

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