Help! I’m A Teenager…

So I’m coming to the end of the day and an afternoon plugged with writers block. This Sunday we launch our first series of the year, Help! I’m A Teenager. We wanted to address some real life topics like, Who Am I?, Living with Parents, Dating and Relationships, and Forgiveness.

Who Am I! will deal with the who we are individually in Christ.
Living with Parents will discuss how teens should respond to their parents and what their role is in building a strong relationship.
Dating and Relationships is the boundaries and integrity talk.
Forgiveness will address the, What Happens Now?, when teens sin.

The problem I’m having is getting everything started. If you could talk to your teens on the four topics listed above, what would you say to them?

I’d love to read some of your thoughts and ideas. Maybe it will spark my creative juices! Leave your comments below.

– jay

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