Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving has passed. I have eaten more than I should. I had a wonderful weekend with the family. And a great Friday with Amy and the kids in the Baltimore Harbor. All things that I am grateful for.

I enjoyed reading peoples blog, status updates, and tweets about the thing they were thankful for. But this morning I was reminded of something that I am very thankful for. My Jr. High Sunday class has been talking our way through the book of Revelation. We had just finished the seven letters the week before Thanksgiving setting us up to jump into some discussion about end times.

This morning we looked at 1 Thes. 4:13-5:11. It was in those verses I was reminded of the hope we have in Jesus. I am thankful for a God who stepped down from heaven, laid down His life, and has promised to take me home with Him.

There are not too many times when Jr. High students will sit quietly, let alone ask good questions. This morning they did, and no doubt it was because the truth of God’s Word was speaking. Funny how God can still speak and how He can make even Jr. High ears listen.

I pray that God will continue to speak through me to my students.

– jay

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