Superman and Salvation

Okay, so call me a little slow.

This evening I watched Superman, The Movie, with Logan and my niece Samantha. We rented it to educate the boys about Superman. (We watched Superman Returns last week, and they had a hard time putting it all together. So I figured it was time to saw the movie.)

Prior to the movie, I was watching some of the documentary clips on the special features disk. In one of the interviews it was said that the early part of the movie presents Superman as a “christ-figure.” I thought that was fascinating. I had never heard that before. Nor had a I considered it.

As the movie began, I paid special attention to the opening story; the part where Superman’s father packs his son into the earth-bound shuttle. Sure enough, it’s there; the father giving up his only son to show “them the light.”

Do you think that Christ was the inspiration for the Superman character? I don’t know. But it’s something else to think about. If I was a true Superman fan, I’d pursue the topic. I like the movies, so next week we’ll part two!

– jay

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