What are Your Top 10 Christmas Movies?

Christmas movies. There are dozens of them. From the totally ridiculous to the powerfully profound and heart wrenching. Christmas movies are as much a part of the Christmas season as the carols, the decorations, and the food. We love our Christmas movies. And for many of us, Christmas just isn’t Christmas until we have watched our favorite Christmas movies.

So with little over a week left before Christmas day, I’m wondering, what are some of the movie favorites that fall into the category of “MUST BE SEEN.”

So what are they? What are the favorite Christmas movies that you just have to watch during the Christmas season?

Post your top 10 Christmas movies. From the goofy and fun to the ones that move you and everything in between. And feel free to share why these movies mean so much to you. By the end of the week, I’ll post a list of the most common Christmas movies. And watch for my list of top 10 Christmas movies. They will post around Wednesday!

Okay. Your top 10 Christmas movies. What are they?


- jay


Husbands, How Do You Balance Your Weekends

The weekend is just about here. For many of us men, it’s been a long week. We’ve worked heard. We’ve battled traffic, endured meetings, and for some of us, we’ve even survived some of the coldest days this winter thus far. But now the weekend is here.

So let me ask you, What are you doing this weekend?

Do you have plans for you and your family?

Here’s something I’ve observed in my own life that I think might be worth sharing. As I manage 3 jobs , juggle kids schedules with my wife, and still try to maintain a spiritual walk, I get that time is short and life can be a challenge.

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Countdown to Christmas

imagesCA2DLUYQAre you ready? Are you?

We are 12 days from Christmas morning. Are you ready?

Here’s why I ask. Men are notorious for being the “last minute Christmas Eve shopper.” That’s right. We wait till the very last minute to go shopping. And what are we left with? The left overs. More the question? What are our wives left with?

This might not apply to ALL men, but for a great many of us, Christmas shopping is something that we too often put of until it’s all most too late. Many of us run out on Christmas Eve, frantically hoping to find the items that our wives have been hinting about for months. We run from store to store, up and down the isles, looking for that one item that seems to be absent from the shelves in every store around. Then panic sets in. You refuse to allow a Christmas with no gifts. So what do we do? We buy whatever we can find.

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